22 June 2011 What are the Poles incapable of? – excerpts from Houellebecq's latest book in Książki

The first issue of the Książki literary magazine features such treats as Katarzyna Surmaniak-Domańskia’s interview with Zadie Smith, who visited Krakow in May for the Miłosz Festival. The magazine also includes a fragment of the new book by Michael Houellebecq, which has not been published in Poland yet. The author will participate in the upcoming 3rd Conrad Festival (November 2nd-6th, 2011). One of the best-selling writers in Europe and author of such popular books as The Elementary Particles, he will visit Krakow to talk about his work and promote his latest book, titled The Map and the Territory, an excerpt of which, translated by Beata Geppert, will appear in Książki today (the book will be published in full on October 19th).

In the magazine, you will also find an interesting article by Krzysztof Varga on Houellebecq’s work – Nowy koszmarny świat (New Horrifying World). Varga attempts to answer the question about who is the most famous of today’s French writers. According to the article, Houellebecq’s characters can hate blacks, Arabs and members of the National Front, despise hippies and environmentalists, but also the middle classes, the burgeois and employees of large corporations. In a word – everybody! We would like to encourage you to read the article and start counting the days remaining until the 3rd edition of the Festival. Soon, we will reveal which other writers we have invited to visit the city at the foot of Wawel Hill!