27 July 2011 Polish translation of the latest book by Houellebecq to be out in October

W.A.B. has announced the publication of the Polish translation of Michel Houellebecq's La carte et le territoire for this October. The book, which earned the author the prestigious Prix Goncourt, will be published as Mapa i terytorium (The Map and the Territory), translated by Beata Geppert.

"It is yet another novel by the enfant terrible of the French literary world, which can be read on many levels," promises the coming-soon section of the publisher's website. "The Map and the Territory is a biography of a fictional artist, Jed Martin, with an important criminal subplot. But it also makes for a brilliant social satire - how else can you treat an ironic portrayal of the Paris artistic milieu? - and a treaty on the frailty of human relationships, illustrated so well by the story of Jed and his father. It would be a sin not to mention the recurrent motif of the heater, i.e. the writer's play with the tradition of French novel."

It is worth remembering that Michel Houellebecq will be a guest of this year's Conrad Festival.