22 August 2011 New book by Namita Gokhale

The internationally acclaimed Indian writer and columnist Namita Gokhale, has just published her new book Priya: In Incredible Indyaa, which is a sequel to Paro: Dreams of Passio, the novelist’s debut novel of 1984.

Priya: In Incredible Indyaa presents an image of contemporary India as a country of great contrasts. While illustrating Dehli’s elite community, Gokhale shows the great divide between the wealthy and extremely poor strata of the society. Another important theme navigated by Gokhale is menopause. The main protagonist does not feel ashamed because of the passage of time. However, as Gokhale points out, women in India are uncertain of their sexuality. With the appearance of the first gray hair, some women retreat from life, while others hysterically seek to make up for nature and make themselves look like teenagers for the rest of their lives. The issue of sexuality has already been touched upon in previous books by the writer.

Some of Gokhale’s published works include: Gods, Graves, and Grandmother (1994), A Himalayan Love Story (1996), Mountain Echoes - Reminiscences of Kumaoni Women (1994), The Book of Shadows (1999), The Book of Shiva (2000), and Shakuntala: The Play of Memory (2005). Along with Malashri Lal, she co-edited the anthology In Search of Sita (2009).

Let us remind you that Namita Gokhale was a guest of the 2nd Joseph Conrad Festival and took part in the meeting Jaipur morning at the Institute of Oriental Philology of the Jagiellonian University.