26 October 2011 Andrzej Stasiuk and Tomasz Budzyński – an extraordinary musical night at the Conrad Festival

The second day of the Conrad Festival will feature a unique evening for literature and Polish music lovers at the Rotunda Cultural Centre (ul. Oleandry 1). First, at 10 pm, Tomasz Budzyński – one of the most popular Polish rock & roll performers – will talk about his autobiography Soul Side Story, about to be published by In Rock. Note: it will not be an ordinary story – the talk will with Tomasz Budzyński will be hosted by Andrzej Stasiuk! The meeting will be followed by a concert of Tomasz Budzyński and friends at 11 pm. Tickets for the concert of Tomasz Budzyński & Friends, priced PLN 20, are available from Rotunda’s ticket office.

Tomasz Budzyński is known as the charismatic frontman of Armia, a band he founded in 1985 along with Robert Brylewski and the philosopher Sławomir Gołaszewski. He has so far released over 20 albums. Budzyński himself says that he is above all a painter. This year, he debuted as a director and writer too.

Soul Side Story
, Tomasz Budzyński’s 400-page autobiography is richly illustrated with unique photographs, and will be soon published by In Rock. The book will include a full-length film, Podróż na Wschód directed by Tomasz Budzyński and Łukasz Jankowski. The main parts in the film are played by the band Armia and their music. The script is based on Stefan Grabiński’s novella Maszynista Grot. The film premiered at the 11th New Horizons International Film Festival in Wrocław.