24 January 2012 Jaipur Literature Festival draws to an end

The largest literary festival in Asia, the Jaipur Literature Festival, is drawing to an end. Behind us are five days of lectures, author meetings, conversations, debates, performances, children’s workshops, and interactive events in the capital of Rajasthan. The founder and director of the festival is Namita Gokhale, our good friend and a regular at the Conrad Festival.

More about the Jaipur Literature Festival.

Namita Gokhale –an internationally known and acclaimed Indian writer, journalist, and publisher. At an early age, she married Rajiv Gokhale and soon relocated to Bombai to pursue a career in journalism. Her first book, entitled Paro: Dreams of Passion, came out in 1984 and caused a stir in India on account of its bold treatment of sexuality. The tragic death of Namita Gokhale’s husband left a mark on all her subsequent work. She has published, among others: Gods, Graves, and Grandmother (1994), A Himalayan Love Story (1996), Mountain Echoes - Reminiscenes of Kumaoni Women (1994), The Book of Shadows (1999), The Book of Shiva (2000), Shakuntala: The Play of Memory (2005). She is also a contributor to In Search of Sita (2009), an anthology co-edited with Malashri Lal.