20 February 2012 The Second Life of a Book - exchange books and talk about literature

We would like to invite all those who wish to refresh their book collections to participate in a great literary campaign on Sunday (the 26th of February). Come to the Wyspiański Pavilion (pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2), bring books you would like to put in good hands, meet new people and talk about literature. We start at 3:00 p.m. All are invited to participate. You just need to bring at least one book for exchange with you. Please note: books have to be in good condition and they should not be specialist literature. Please leave your textbooks, maps, guidebooks and how-to books at home!

All literature lovers will admit that the sheer fact of having books on a shelf is a source of pride and happiness. Although by definition they love all of their books unconditionally, after a moment’s thought, they could point to at least one that they have slightly less tender feelings towards – a hasty purchase, a failed gift, a novel they’ve grown out of or have gotten bored of. A book that no one picks up loses its magical powers. It cannot go to waste! Advice? Let it find a new home!

The Second Life of a Book is a joint campaign of the Bookeriada portal and the Krakow Festival Office. Subsequent editions will be organised each month.

“We consistently promote reading,” stresses Izabela Helbin, the director of the Krakow Festival Office. And she lists: “We have literary festivals, excellent publishers, book fairs and Strefa Wolnego Czytania (Free Reading Zone) in the city. We readily get involved in campaigns that promote reading: only last year we organised a literary happening on the Bernatek Footbridge together with Strefa Wolnego Czytania, and marked Spots for Readers in some of the city’s trams as part of the Miłosz Year. I hope that book lovers will like our new initiative, organised in cooperation with the Bookeriada portal, and that they will join us on Sunday afternoon.”

If some of the books brought to the Wyspiański Pavilion do not find new owners, they will land in good hands anyway.
“We have already talked to the management of the Regional Public Library and have they declared that they will take the books that they do not have in their collection. The remaining ones will go to friendly libraries, one of the children’s homes or to Polish libraries in the East,” says Justyna Sekuła from the Bookeriada portal.

A reminder: we will be meeting this coming Sunday (the 26th of February) at 3:00 p.m. Entrance from pl. Wszystkich Świętych.