6 March 2012 Suddenly a Knock on the Door coming this May!

Good news for fans of Etgar Keret’s prose: Suddenly a Knock on the Door, a new collection of short stories by this Israeli writer, one of the guests of the first edition of the Conrad Festival, will be released in a little over two months (in May) under the W.A.B. publishing company. A sensational writer, unlike any other. The voice of a new generation – recommends Salman Rushdie.

A man forces his way into the writer’s house and wants to be told a made-up story, because he longs for something different from his real, unbearable life. Readers with similar expectations of literature will not be disappointed – the new short stories by Keret are full of extraordinary events, poetic magic and hope that can be found even in the most dramatic circumstances. Robbie, who has practised the art of lying since early childhood, suddenly discovers that everything he has made up is true. A woman finds a zipper in her partner’s mouth, and behind it, a certain Jurgen is lurking... The author’s ingenuity is unlimited, and his perverse sense of humour goes hand in hand with the ability to build up suspense – reads the book announcement on the W.A.B. publisher’s website.