Konstanty Gebert

Polish journalist, publicist, translator of Jewish origin
Konstanty Gebert

(b. 1958) - Polish journalist, publicist, translator of Jewish origin. In 1976 he graduated from psychology at the University of Warsaw. He co-operated with the Workers’ Defence Committee (KOR) and was one of the founders of the independent Jewish Flying University (1979) and the Polish Council of Christians and Jews. During the martial law he avoided being interned and published his articles in the underground press as Dawid Warszawski. Since the very beginning he has co-operated with the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, for which he wrote as a war correspondent from Bosnia in years 1992-1995. He is also the President of the Midrasz Association, which publishes a monthly under the same title. Author of books on the Round Table, the war in Bosnia and contemporary Israel He published books such as: Przerwa na myślenie (Break for Thinking) (1986), Mebel (Furniture) ( 1990), Magia słów: polityka francuska wobec Polski po 13 grudnia 1981 roku (The Magic of Words: French Policy Towards Poland After 13th December 1981 (1991) Obrona poczty sarajewskiej (The Defence of the Sarajevo Post Office) (1995), Dziesięć dni Europy: archeologia pamięci (Ten Days of Europe: Archaeology of Remembrance)(2004), Wojna czterdziestoletnia (The Forty-Year War) (2004), 54 komentarze do Tory (54 Commentaries to the Torah) (2004), Miejsce pod słońcem. Wojny Izraela (A Place Under the Sun. Israel’s Wars) (2008).


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