Book Industries 2016

What’s Up With You, Book?

There are a lot of discussions behind the scenes regarding the recent events in the industry. We think, however, that it’s worth discussing some issues openly, such as the hard work with authors and organisers of the publishing market. Small and big successes. Learning on one’s own mistakes. Future of books...

We invited critics, editors and promoters in a publishing house, but everyone should feel free to join the discussion!

Host: Marcin Wilk
Venue: De Revolutionibus. Books&Café


27.10. (Thursday) 2 p.m.  

Booksellers – how to survive on the commercial market?

Discussion: PIO Kaliński (Lokator), Adam Strzeboński (Księgarnia Pod Globusem), Marek Szczepaniak (De Revolutionibus. Books&Cafe)

What is the independence of Polish booksellers about? What should distinguish independent book stores from commercial ones? How can they be organised? A meeting about operating a book store independent from large chains – how to survive on the market?


28.10. (Friday) 2 p.m.

Critics – what place do books have in contemporary press?

Discussion: Dariusz Nowacki, Inga Iwasiów

What’s the role of a critic these days? What is the true place of literary criticism? How did it change over the course of last years? Is Internet an opportunity or a danger to criticism? What inspires optimism and what frightens in transformation on the book market?


 29.10. (Saturday) 2 p.m.

Editors – how to cope with working from home?

Discussion: Adam Pluszka, Magdalena Zielińska, Karolina Macios

What’s the role of an editor today – for the publishing house, for the book, for the author? What does their work look like? Can anyone become one? How do we know that the book market appreciates editors? A discussion of ups and downs of editors’ lives in these difficult times.


 30.10 (Sunday) 2 p.m.

Publishers – how to bring a 70-year old publishing house into the 21st century? A meeting with Jędrzej Biegański

What is the State Publishing Institute today? What are the specifics of working as a promotor at a publishing house with long tradition? How to use the legacy of a publishing house? Is there such a thing as “easy” and “difficult” literature in terms of promotion?