Conrad Festival 2016 supporting new releases

The meetings during the event will also be full of book premieres, since six new publications are released under the auspices of the Festival.

It is worth looking for Umarły las (Dead Forest) a children’s book by Adam Wajrak, illustrated by Tomasz Samojlik, Życie na poczytaniu, in which Grzegorz Jankowicz proves that literature is a foundation, holding up the world, Little Pepper by Alain Mabanckou, in which the author describes Congo and returns to the world from his older novels, A Wild Swan and Other Tales by Michael Cunningham – a collection of well-known fairy tales turned into fairy tales for adults, Congo. The Epic History of a People by David Van Reybrouck, one of the most significant historic reports of this decade, as well as Master and Margarita, or rather its new translation by Grzegorz, Leokadia and Igor Przebinda – they will all be available from the festival book store.