Creative Writing Course

On 22-23 July, 2017, travel journalism workshops, inspired by travel and nautical tendencies in the work of the author of Typhoon, were organised as part of the Conrad Year celebration and conducted by Marcin Kącki and Dariusz Rosiak – journalists, reporters, leading representatives of Polish non-fiction genres. The organisers of the course placed emphasis not only on teaching theoretical knowledge to the participants, but also on using the acquired skills in practice. On Saturday 22 July, the workshop was led by Marcin Kącki, a journalist writing for Gazeta Wyborcza and Duży Format, the winner of the Journalist of the Year 2007 award. The award-winning reporter introduced participants into the secrets of the art of reportage, analysed the texts they brought, and taught them how to conduct an interview. The Sunday workshop was led by Dariusz Rosiak, a journalist known for his “Raport o stanie świata” programme broadcast on Polish Radio Three, nominated for the 2016 Nike Literary Award. Participants were instructed how to give an account of their travels, had the opportunity to participate in field exercises, and learned about various forms of non-fiction literature.