Crime Workshops with Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad was a precursor of many popular literary genres, including modern crime novel (an example of which is “The Secret Agent”). Hence, the idea of crime workshops that will be held as part of the celebration of the Conrad Year at two November weekends: 11-12 and 25-26 November. The aim of the workshops is to create original, creative texts and prepare them for publication. The two-part programme of the crime workshops includes a meeting with authors of popular detective novels who will introduce participants to the secrets of a writer’s workshop, for example they will advise participants how to prepare for writing through research, how to create lifelike characters, and what is required to create a plausible plot. The guest of the second meeting will be Filip Modrzejewski, the acquisition editor in the W.A.B. publishing company, who will advise beginner writers how to prepare a text for publication. After nearly three weeks of intensive work, workshop participants will complete the course with ready-to-publish texts. The maximum number of workshop participants is 6 people.