Conrad Festival 2015

Almost 150 guests, around a hundred events, busy accompanying cycles - for the seventh time, guests from Poland and abroad come to Kraków to celebrate the annual festival of literature (19-25 October).
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Doodling with Lamy and Sztukolotnia

Doodling with Lamy and Sztukolotnia

A series of artistic activities featuring LAMY abc and nexx fountain pens

We’ll create variations on words, we’ll look for associations and metaphorical and literary relationships.

We’ll also print fingerprints in ink and then draw stories to fit them.

During the workshop, fairy tale characters from a made-up world will be created.


Open to child aged 6-9!

Free admission

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An outline of the Workshops with Lamy:

Today’s variety of materials and writing instruments for our kids is enough to make us dizzy. This is why we will try to define a set of tools, without which our youngest children would find it difficult to be creative. To this end, we will present the Lamy abc and Lamy nexx fountain pens, as a basic set which provides the necessary skills and tools for casually learning to write both for beginners as well as those slightly more practiced in the art of writing. We will also show that the fountain pen is not only an object of everyday use, but also an excellent tool for drawing and other paper-based games.

Knowing the properties of a fountain pen will allow for creatively using the opportunities it offers in an easy, simple and fun way.

25 October, at 12:00 The Palace Under the Rams

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