Conrad Festival 2015

Almost 150 guests, around a hundred events, busy accompanying cycles - for the seventh time, guests from Poland and abroad come to Kraków to celebrate the annual festival of literature (19-25 October).
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The Vilnius Syndrome. A meeting with Herkus Kunčius

The Vilnius Syndrome. A meeting with Herkus Kunčius

In the novel A Lithuanian in Vilnius, the first work by Lithuanian playwright and essayist Herkus Kunčius published in Poland, a man named Napoleon arrives in Vilnius 20 years after Lithuania has regained its independence. During his oneiric wanderings through the city, he experiences prophetic visions, known in psychology as the Jerusalem syndrome.

What is the identity of Vilnius, the Lithuanian Jerusalem? The conversation will deal with the similarities and differences in the Polish and Lithuanian symbolic perception of the city on the Neris River.

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23 October, at 13:00 The Palace Under the Rams

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