Conrad Festival 2019

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Lolita w Berlinie | Balbierz | Kłobukowski | Księżopolska

Lolita w Berlinie | Balbierz | Kłobukowski | Księżopolska

Prowadzenie: Jan Balbierz, Irena Księżopolska, Michał Kłobukowski 

Host: Jan Balbierz

The scandal which immediately followed the publication of Lolita brought Vladimir Nabokov worldwide fame. It is one of the most widely commented on literary works, but one question remains unanswered: why did the author reference, both with the title and the plot, a short story written in 1916 by Heinz von Lichberg, German writer and journalist and member of NSDAP between 1933 and 1938?

25 October, at 17:30 Czeczotka Palace (corner of St. Anna and Wiślna streets)

main programme

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