Conrad Festival 2019

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On the Wings of the World.

On the Wings of the World.

Meeting with Jérémie Royer

Host: Tomasz Pindel

Jérémie Royer is the co-author of graphic novels about two great naturalists: Audubon, On the Wings of the World telling the storyof the French ornithologist who embarked on an  epic quest to paint all the birds in America, and Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage introducing the crucial moment in the life of the author of the theory of evolution. The artist appears as a special guest of this year’s Comic Book Section to talk about his work on this biography of the man overwhelmed by his passion for ornithology. How do graphic novels differ from films and reportage? How has our perception of nature and naturalists changed over time? How do you draw artists? How do illustrations evoke depth of meaning and metaphor?

25 October, at 18:00 Metaforma Cafe

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