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We Haven’t Lost Our Way

dir. Anna Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal, Poland 2022

The Kraków premiere of the film We Haven’t Lost Our Way, directed by Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal, based on the book Till värmare länder (published in 1961) by the Swedish physician and writer Per Christian Jersild, author of, among other works, Children’s Island (1976) and House of Babel (1978). On screen, we follow the story of a professor, a Cervantes scholar who has just lost his job, and a female translator at a difficult point in her life. When the man sends the woman the records of his mysterious journey, she is not only faced with the question of their veracity, but also about the limits of insanity. The film examines the clash of two difficult personalities, the alienation of the protagonists and their struggle for the right to live on their own terms.

The film, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, will hit the cinema screen for the second time in Poland as part of the Word2Picture section – an event that brings together two industries with the aim of preparing and promoting film adaptations of literature. The event will also include a conversation with the filmmakers.

*ticketed screening

29 October, at 18:00 Pod Baranami Cinema

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