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Reading Class (on refugee literature) with Marcin Wilk

Reading Class (on refugee literature) with Marcin Wilk

Text: Elias Canetti, On Animals

The social campaign, which we have been running since the first edition of the Conrad Festival, has one fundamental premise – in order to stimulate the imagination with the text, it is necessary to ask a non-obvious question at the outset, which will allow us to pull a particular work out of its usual contexts, as well as to build a bridge between the text and the surrounding reality. The workshops are conducted by people who have mastered the art of reading and the art of talking about what they have read. This year, the overarching theme of all Reading Classes will be the issue of refugees showcased through a variety of forms – novels, short stories, essays and reportages by the living and late writers from different corners of the world.


The number of participants is limited. Sign-ups:

26 October, at 12:00 Potocki Palace, Rynek Główny 20

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