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Workshops: How to ride a bicycle with Georges Perec?

Workshops: How to ride a bicycle with Georges Perec?

Hosts: René Koelblen and Stanisław Waszak

The workshop will be led by the two excellent translators of Perec’s works, who can beautifully transpose even the works that were previously considered untranslatable into Polish. They will talk about their work as translators, about the greatest difficulties they had to overcome, about their boundless love for Perec’s literature, and about the things that they find the most important in the stories of the author of

Life a User's Manual. The attendees will learn about the inexhaustible potential of his literary texts and essays, about his writing process – some of the methods have still not been identified and described, about cycling as a literary theme, and about books worth packing – not just for a bicycle trip. In addition, the translators will talk about their plans for the nearest future.

The number of participants is limited. Sign-ups  from October 16, 2023 on the KBF:BILETY and KBF: PLUS application.


29 October, at 12:00 Potocki Palace, Rynek Główny 20

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