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Fleeting Tales. A conversation with Bora Chung

Fleeting Tales. A conversation with Bora Chung

A conversation with Bora Chung

Host: Marta Niewiadomska

Bora Chung focuses on the relationship between reality and what is beyond. Some call it fiction, others refer to it as a figment of imagination; there are some who speak of supernatural phenomena. In reality, it does not matter if this fantastic element is merely a delusion. Since we believe that we have experienced it, it means that it has become a part of our lives, that it is real for us – just as it is real for Bora Chung’s characters. We will talk about what makes it so important for us to be able to draw a line between what is real and what is not, as well as about this distinction in different cultures. The Korean writer will also talk about the changes in our thinking about our relationship with the world and other beings when it somebody challenges or outright rejects it.

Free tickets will be available for download from October 16, 2023 on the KBF:BILETY and KBF: PLUS application.

27 October, at 18:00 AST, Straszewskiego 21-22

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