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The Heart of Darkness is Within Us. A conversation with Max Cegielski

The Heart of Darkness is Within Us. A conversation with Max Cegielski

A conversation with Max Cegielski

Host: Georgina Gryboś-Szczepanik

Joseph Conrad described his experiences from his journey to Congo in a way that sparked controversies decades ago – in spite of the critical tone of the novel, the writer included a number of cultural stereotypes that were considered racist by African authors. This is an extremely important cautionary tale for all of us today, as we are telling stories about ourselves and others, about how others were treated by local communities, and about how they are treated now. Max Cegielski embarks on a journey in the footsteps of minorities who were once part of the community, but have been erased from it. He chose Joseph Conrad as his guide in a somewhat perverse manner, since his texts mix apt observations with blindness, prompting us to be even more attentive and responsible.

Free tickets will be available for download from October 16, 2023 on the KBF:BILETY and KBF: PLUS application.

27 October, at 14:00 AST, Straszewskiego 21-22

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