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One Cannot Go Back Home. A conversation with Eduard Halfon

One Cannot Go Back Home. A conversation with Eduard Halfon

A conversation with Eduard Halfon

Host: Tomasz Pindel

Meet a writer who was born in Guatemala and lived abroad for a number of years, including in France and in the United States. Meet a writer whose ancestors came from Ukraine, Egypt, Palestine, Spain, Lebanon, Syria and Poland. Unsurprisingly, his novels and short stories depict the complicated lives of migrants searching for sources of identity or creating their identities based on the tools they have at their disposal – memories, fears, prejudices, desires, and others. What is identity for someone who is constantly on the move and feels no connection to any particular place? Why is it that literature can be the biggest obstacle we face in answering the question of who we are and where we want to live? 

Free tickets will be available for download from October 16, 2023 on the KBF:BILETY and KBF: PLUS application.

26 October, at 18:00 AST, Straszewskiego 21-22

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