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Sign out of life. A conversation with Grégoire Bouillier

Sign out of life. A conversation with Grégoire Bouillier

A conversation with Grégoire Bouillier

Host: Elżbieta Janota

In the mid-1980s, In the 1970s, the twenty-five-year-old Grégoire Bouillier listened to the radio, where he heard the news about the suicide of Marcelle Pichon, a former model. The woman decided to lock herself in her apartment and starve to death, describing her agony in a notebook over the course of forty-five days. Several decades later, Bouillier dug up that piece of information and decided to write a novel that attempts to understand Pichon's motivations. Why did she decide to take her own life? Why did she choose this particular way of doing that? What happened before between her and the world, and between her and all the other people, both familiar and strange ones? In an attempt to answer these questions, Bouillier paints a picture of a lost soul that decides to sign herself out of life, perhaps in order to finally take control of it, at least for a brief moment.

Free tickets will be available for download from October 16, 2023 on the KBF:BILETY and KBF: PLUS application.


25 October, at 14:00 AST, Straszewskiego 21-22

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